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ProfteQ offers Solutions suited to its customers’ space and productivity requirements

All our Solutions aim to improve our customers’ efficiency and development.

If customers normally install single-function machines in their workshop, we recommend connecting the welding machine to the unit via the unloading table and the piece turning table. In this way it is possible to have a single plant operated by one person and to visibly improve performance in terms of time and results.



In order to continually improve productivity and allow increased versatility, we have developed a single plant made up of a sawing machine and its driven double-stop roller table. This means that customers can be offered the option of cutting two pairs of glazing beads (height – width) in a single cycle.

The TR4P+BE4PI has a PC with the HMI software PQGB which allows various ways of managing different needs: from manual uploading of the data using management systems to load cutting lists, to operation in combination with the Comall electronic gauge to physically detect the dimensions of the sash opening.

The TR4P+BE4PI is also equipped with an adjustable locking and glass simulation system on stops so that different glazing bead profiles can be cut without using locking templates but simply by changing the mechanical stops.

90° welding

90° welding relates to a corner joint finishing option that references the typical aesthetics of wooden windows

This type of finish is achieved by end trimming the corners on the FR9045 MKII end trimming machine before welding. The angle prepared in this way is then welded on the LINK 9045 or on the QUAD 9045 using a dedicated cycle.

90° welding is particularly indicated for Customers who have both the end milling and welding machines, as it allows product diversification in terms of the finish.