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Line with 4-head welding machine and cleaning machine

Linea 40 welding and cleaning line for average productivity levels variable according to the configuration from 160 to 240 frames/8 hours. The plant consists of a four-head welding unit, cooling table, piece turning table, cleaning unit with four controlled axes and unloading table. Every component can be selected by the customer from a range of available models, making the Linea 40 extremely customisable.

  • Welding and cleaning line with 4-head welding unit + cooling table + piece turning table + cleaning unit
  • Configuration or rotation of the three open sides
  • A single operator to for welding and cleaning operations
  • Ability to choose between the QUAD OS4/QUAD 9045/QUAD OS12 welding units
  • Ability to choose between the TT3 / TT4 / TT6 cooling tables
  • 2-axis CNC station for automatic loading and rotation of TGV frames to be cleaned
  • Ability to choose between FRT5 or CORNERLAB 23/45 cleaning units
  • Ability to configure with left – right or right – left flow
  • Cleaning unit unloading table
  • Wireless barcode reader
  • Bar code reader
  • Remote assistance

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