Technical specifications:
•   Welding of 90° and variable angles (from 45° to 180° on the moving right head).
•   Working cycle driven by PLC
•   Adjustment of the melting and welding time adaptable to existing market profiles
•   Profile support arms to help the operator during the welding of two contemporary corner
•   Heating system by serpentine, in order to warm at the same way all the heating plate. 
•   Moving head moves on double chromed and thoughened bar with sphere bearings, allowing a fluis sliding and the accurancy of the positioning
•   Both head control panels are equipped with the following controls: profiles clamping and start cycle (bimanual controls); emergency buttons; control to move forward the heating plate to clean the teflon sheet; emergency button with emergency reset; on the moving head there is the button to arrest/release the moving of the head
•   Quick change system of the teflon
Standard accessories:
•   Nr. 2 profile support arms
•   Heated stainless-steel welding nut restrictors
•   8 s/s restrictors to change the welding nut thickness (2 mm)
•   8 s/s restrictors to change the welding nut thickness (0.2 mm)
•   Head opening and support rollers for frames evacuation (mandatory in line with PROMOVER).
•   Kit seal-press
•   Mobile head/fixed head reversal